What is the recommended size for the work’s thumbnail? The one that will appear in the collection and in the video player


What is the recommended size for the work’s catalog image thumbnail?


What are the specs for the featured category video?

This video should be max 30 seconds long - the shorter, the better. Recommended resolution: 1900x800px

Can I add extra content to a video?

Yes, it can include other kind of files as attachments

Does video has support for subtitles?

Yes, they should not exceed 3Mb and also have to be in the VTT format

Ideal video format for the platform

  • Format MP4 (file extension .mp4)
  • 1080p/2K or smaller - Videos less than 2048x1152p are considered standard
  • 8Mbps or less - bit rates higher than 8Mbps can cause playback issues for viewers
  • H.264 video codec - the most common codec and supported by almost every device
  • 10-second max keyframe interval
  • 8-bit 4:2:0 or less
  • Closed GOP (group of pictures)

Rating help our viewers know what they’ll see in advance. We ask for videos that contain nudity, sex, violence, profanity or illegal substances to be marked as adult videos.