ORTVI is a new art streaming platform that fairly compensates artists and curators for their work. By uploading your work to ORTVI, you are joining a collective economy that redirects profits to participating artists and curators.

Viewers pay a monthly subscription fee to view content uploaded by artists and programs created by curators. It is free to participate as an artist or curator and you maintain complete ownership of your work.

The subscriptions profit will be distributed as follows:

With ORTVI, subscribers actively support artists and curators and foster the creation of new work. ORTVI is a platform for streaming art, sound, performance, dance, choreography, music, storytelling, documentary, narrative, science fiction, and more.

By participating in ORTVI, you are supporting a streaming platform built around fair and sustainable compensation for artists and curators. ORTVI will always be fully transparent about its economic structure and algorithms.


email-us: contact@ortvi.com